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Why Talent Village Recruitment


We provide fit-for-purpose placements to our clients by understanding their strategic and business needs.

Talent Village Recruitment will actualise and effect your requirements, either as company or an individual candidate.

We are committed to top of mind service and not limited by geographical location or skill profile prerequisites.


Executive Search

We have developed strong relationships with well-respected clients in our business sector, our clients will be given a formal undertaking that we will under no circumstances attempt to source candidates from their organisation.

Those companies with whom we are in no way connected can then be used as a source for potential applicants.


Utilising our good reputation to become a key player in the recruitment arena.

To assist in an informed and impactful way as we understand the evolving 21st century workplace.

Our ability to find scarce skills is what sets us apart and enables us to use our client-centred approach to meet needs effectively.


Our Clients